RF (Radio Frequency) Consultants are experts known within the electrical engineering arena of IT and Telecom sector. It is our responsibility to recommend the best location for a new antenna to be constructed in order to triple the number of wireless devices that can be supported. In addition to this, our work is broad, ranging from contract design and development, to consulting on an hourly, daily, or retainer basis, to assist clients to solve problems with their own designs, or designs they have purchased from others.

Generally, we provide consultancy support and systems engineering design and studies for most telecommunications systems, especially those related to fixed, mobile or broadcasting satellite and radio communications systems.

RF Consultant Description & Responsibilities

Being an RF Consultant is not an easy job. The scope and responsibilities include the analysis, design, implementation, optimization and enhancement of wireless telecommunications networks. In addition to this general scope, as RF Consultants we are responsible for the following:

  • Link budget analysis, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, initial system design and dimensioning, coverage planning, site identification, evaluation and zoning support, frequency planning , interference analysis and optimization.
  • Consult on all aspects of the design and deployment of radio and wireless infrastructures, ensuring that you achieve the seamless coverage required across clients’ entire environment, no matter how rugged, remote or complex.
  • Full radiofrequency consulting services to clients, following the product lifecycle from design, development, testing, production, through to post-production verification.
  • RF, wireless, mobile data, system design, design review, proposal assistance, and troubleshooting, RF coverage mapping and prediction, training services, documentation, technical writing and publication, antenna design and development amplifier design and development.
  • Work with RF engineers in carrying out optimization techniques (proper antenna selection for optimal horizontal/vertical performance, mechanical/electrical tilting, appropriate transmit power setting, antenna clearance, neighbor list analysis, etc.) for optimal site/cluster performance.
  • Provide radiation testing/surveying, education and live training and on site surveying. Play an active role in recruitment of RF engineering staff and to be a mentor to other engineering colleagues as required.

RF Consultants | Smith & Fisher

Radio frequency engineering, consultancy, and services is a huge and rising industry. For years, Smith & Fisher has specialized in the surveying of sites to ensure compliance with RF radiation exposure/protection guidelines set by the governing body (FCC/OSHA for U.S. situations) for both public and occupational environments. We provide full Radio Frequency (RF) consulting services to our clients following the product life cycle from design & simulation development testing, production and support.

Our team can tackle a project from many different starting points: concept, prototype, or production reworks. Having two of the best RF consultants and engineers, Kevin Fisher and Kyle Fisher, the company has developed products and designs as cost effectively and as quickly as their market demands for over a decade.

Our Certified EMF Technicians are equipped with professional testing equipment which covers a large range of electromagnetic frequencies, 27 MHz – 10 GHz, in the High Frequency Spectrum. We also cover low frequency Electromagnetic Radiation which is discussed in the EMF testing section, 1Hz – 400 kHz.

Smith & Fisher’s RF power density study capabilities also extend to international projects. We have the capability to calibrate our meter to the specific human exposure standard of any country around the world. Contact us today to know more information about the top services we offer and how we could be of great help.