Everything You Need to Know About Wi-fi Range Extenders

After you set up Wi-Fi in your home or business, you may notice that it does not seem to work in every room. This is because most routers and Wi-Fi systems are only designed to cover a certain range. In order to use Wi-Fi throughout your home, you will need to invest in Wi-Fi extenders.

What Is a Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender helps you increase the range of your Wi-Fi. For a small or medium home, you probably need just one extender. This booster device is placed between your router and the area that needs Wi-Fi.

Basically, a Wi-Fi extender rebroadcasts your router’s current Wi-Fi signal. By rebroadcasting the signal, it can help you access the internet in dead spots. Because the Wi-Fi extender cannot strengthen the signal, this technique will only work if you place the extender in a place where the Wi-Fi connection is already strong.

How Are Wi-Fi Boosters, Extenders, and Repeaters Different?

Wi-Fi boosters, extenders, and repeaters might be different terms, but they are basically the same type of devices. When a manufacturer mentions Wi-Fi repeaters, they are basically talking about Wi-Fi extenders and boosters. The term that is used depends entirely on the manufacturer.

Why Extenders May Not Work

Hopefully, installing a Wi-Fi extender will immediately fix your connection issues. Unfortunately, there are cases when this may not work. If you are having a problem, a radio frequency (RF) consultant can help. When an RF consultant comes to your home or business, they can figure out the best way to extend your network. They can also help you increase the number of devices that can use your Wi-Fi connection. RF consultants can help by providing services for the following things.

  • 5G safety.
  • Low power FM stations.
  • Full power FM stations.
  • Full power television stations.
  • NextGen TV.
  • Single-frequency networks.

Should You Get a Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender is an easy way to boost the range of your home internet system. Unfortunately, some of these Wi-Fi extenders are difficult to set up. Many manufacturers have mobile apps to help with this process, but the apps can be confusing to use. In many cases, the directions are unintelligible for people who do not have a background in internet technology (IT). Fortunately, you can often hire someone to set up your Wi-Fi extender if the directions and apps are too complicated.

If you are setting up a Wi-Fi extender at home, you should generally place it halfway between your router and the dead spot you are trying to fix. Then, you can use the signal to get online and send emails. Depending on your goals, you may need to invest in a more powerful device.

A Wi-Fi extender can boost the range of your signal, but it may not be enough to watch Netflix. If you need a more powerful option, you should consider getting a mesh router instead. Unless you are streaming videos or playing video games online, a Wi-Fi extender will probably be enough.

With a Wi-Fi extender, you can increase the range of your Wi-Fi system. While these devices are incredibly useful, they do come with some limitations. With the help of Smith and Fischer, you can quickly set up your device and begin enjoying easy access to your Wi-Fi connection.