What Services Can An RF Engineer Perform?

A radio frequency, RF, engineer is a specialist who handles the electrical engineering functions within the telecommunications and tech sectors. Besides making sure that your wireless internet network has enough coverage, RF engineers perform some pretty important activities that keep society’s digital infrastructure going strong. Here are some services RF engineers perform:

Design New RF Tower Networks

When broadcasting companies dream of erecting new antennas to serve a desired geographic audience, there are many factors that they must consider. Where will the antenna tower be located? What are the power requirements for the antenna? How large is the proposed coverage area for the antenna? These are just some of the questions that must be answered before a digital television network station can come into existence. Through careful evaluation of the existing site and the company’s requirements, RF engineers can answer these questions and more. The answers become the basis of the RF tower network’s design.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Before on-site construction begins, telecom companies must meet strict standards that are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A business must file an application to register a new antenna with the FAA and FCC. Parts of the application require RF engineering knowledge to complete. RF engineers put their understanding of design circuitry and wireless network parameters to work to complete the documentation that’s needed to gain FAA and FCC approval.

Install and Test New Broadcasting Devices

RF Engineers are on-site during the installation and testing of new wireless networks. While others may do the heavy lifting of actually installing the towers, it’s RF engineers who test the performance of the wireless network against the site’s performance specifications.

Maintain Broadcast Devices and Networks

There are hundreds of broadcasting towers located across the country, and RF engineers are needed to maintain them. Besides troubleshooting downed networks, RF engineers also use specialized equipment to find inefficiencies and to suggest improvements.


ln general, end users have little knowledge of the behind-the-scenes services that produce the networks for their favorite television programs or YouTube videos. However, those of you who are responsible for developing radio, television, or cellular networks know the skills that RF engineers bring to the table. Instead of doing hit-or-miss hiring for a handful of RF engineers, consider partnering with Smith and Fisher to leverage the experience and skills of our team of RF consultants. Fox, ABC, and T-Mobile are just a few satisfied clients that have put our services to the test. Do you have current RF engineers already on site? Consider our training courses and seminars to keep their knowledge fresh and their skills sharp. Call us today for more information about our services and training products.